Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development, now CEO of Google Cloud, introduces a commercial using my voice-over at the conclusion of his Keynote Address at Oracle CloudWorld New York, Times Square, February 2018.
I produced, delivered voice-over, motion graphics, and edited this Oracle IoT commercial.
This was the first of a series we shot in the studios at Oracle campus in Redwood Shores in May 2014. I shot the campus exterior time-lapse sunrise intro using a Canon intervalometer, fine-tuned lighting design and shot the A-roll. I also shot the B-roll with a Sony Mirrorless camera in the business district of San Fransisco. At the time, I was editing all of the spotlight videos for all product families.
Here's a social video I shot on my Canon 5D and a clip-on sennheiser lavalier mic for synched audio. My friend Angela is a Transformational Coach, Intuitive Living Expert, and Spiritual Teacher. I produced this video end-to-end, though we did buy a stock music track.
Here's a multi-camera Yoga DVD we shot in Montana one summer. I was shooting the Canon 5D on a dollyed jib. We had another camera on a dolly track and a third for static closeups. I shot the intro B-roll as well.

I provided voice-over and edited this Oracle Sustainability video.

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