Here's my "Seize the day!" PechaKucha speech in a packed theater of 400 people. Hit that bucket list. Mine was about running a 20 mile mountain race, making a movie and giving a speech about it!
As part of my Toastmasters communication training, I had the opportunity to crystalize some of the wisdom I'd learned about how to control fear while speaking. 
Changing your appearance can be liberating as a speaker!
My schoolmate Kevin Rankin, drummer for A Flock of Seagulls, interviewed me on his All Access Live YouTube channel in 2021.
This video was my segment of a training webinar. Each presenter covered topics on Camtasia 9. Because the keyboard shortcuts were remapped in this version, I chose to present on the easiest way for editors to transition.
This is a training I produced to teach Oracle Fusion Technical Writers how to bring new content into the tutorial templates we had built.
I have been known to wear a wig and a Yoda backpack when it will liven up a presentation!
A friend challenged me to present on a topic he knew all about, and I knew nothing. I did lots of research on his thesis, gathered a slideshow of photos to illustrate my outline, and presented this speech over Zoom. The results were far-out!

I play percussion in a band. Sometimes we make music videos. Here is one!

This was a humorous speech assignment that I delivered to my Toastmasters club arould 2011. The goals were to entertain, surprise, and get people laughing. 

Ken's speeches are always well written and organized to drive the point home. It was amazing to watch him grow into an accomplished speaker and leader.
Zuzana Gedeon
Artist in residence

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