Whether for education, communication, marketing, entertainment or social causes, filmmaking is my life. I've been working on projects constantly since I started film school in 1990. I've had the opportunity to enjoy every production role, sometimes as a crew member, but usually managing projects from conception to completion. Here are some of the projects I have produced end-to-end, with testimonials from clients, cast and crew.

Here's a multi-camera Yoga DVD we shot in Montana one summer. I was shooting the Canon 5D on a dollyed jib. We had another camera on a dolly track and a third for static closeups. I shot the intro B-roll as well.

I produced, delivered voice-over, motion graphics, and edited this Oracle IoT commercial.

I produced this documentary short start-to-finish, gathering client requirements, planning, shooting and cutting it myself. We had a wonderful world premiere of our film at an art auction to benefit Reach Inc. They use it to help explain their services to donors and others in the community who are curious about their services.

I produced and directed this tribute to Jean Cocteau and Stanley Kubrick in 2005, working with a cast of 25, crew of 15 including Academy Award Nominated Effects Artist and Cinematographer Mark Vargo, ASC (NCIS: Los Angeles, Green Mile, Empire Strikes Back).

"Ken’s flexible working style and creative spark combined with professional and highly capable video producing capabilities made what seemed to be difficult not only possible, but wildly successful. I will never forget the care, the timeliness, the outright amazing results and high quality production resulting from work he did for this program and for our team. In summary, I highly recommend Ken." 
Janine Erb, Director, Program Management at Google

I produced this web ad to help Angela Marie Patnode convey the power of meditation and her Transformational Coaching practice.

I collaborated with the Montana FIRST Robotics and music composer Colin McWilliams to produce this music video. A friend and I shot the footage and I cut it in Final Cut Pro. 
"I have had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Ken Glynn over a period of 4 years. We have collaborated on a number of Customer, Field, and Partner enablement videos. He is tremendously skilled at grasping complex content and transforming it into impactful videos. He is professional and very pleasant to work with. He has great communication skills and most importantly is a good listener! He has the ability to grab the reins and take a project from start to finish with success. He would be a fantastic asset to any team!"
Smitha Ratnam, Director, Product Operations
Smitha was an Oracle video client served by Ken’s team
"Ken is an imaginative and creative film maker. He has great vision and is not afraid to take on difficult tasks. He works well with people and manages his projects extremely well. He is a joy to work with and most of all he has fun doing his job."

Harry Christensen, News Cameraman/Editor at KBZK. Harry reported directly to Ken

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