This is my personal motion graphics portfolio. Video is a team sport. Many of the animations repurposed existing design and brand assets in new ways. For example, I imported Oracle Redwood brand textures into Photoshop, cut shapes from them, brought the shapes into After Effects and set them in motion. I love creating animations. Credits: Background animation at 0:37​ created by Oracle Senior Designer Cameron Ahmadi.
This is an excerpt of the Oracle CloudWorld New York 2018 Keynote by Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development. Kurian is currently CEO of Google Cloud. The Keynote opens with a motion graphics sequence that I co-developed with Lead Designer Raf Ungson at Oracle. I built the composition in Adobe After Effects.
These were the first stingers I produced for Oracle Tutorials in 2013.
Here's a tutorial that opens and closes with a motion graphics sequence I animated.
Ken has a knack for producing creative motion graphics that cover new ground thematically, while still meeting brand requirements. His After Effects work was used throughout Oracle in the form of stingers adopted by several teams and appeared during Presidential keynotes at Oracle events worldwide. He consistently came up with new visual ideas to contribute to the evolution of the look and feel of our brand. Ken has been a true asset to our team regardless of the stage of production he is always able to deliver whatever a team needs from team member or project manager, with best-in-class results.
Trish Trolley
Oracle Product Management and Leadership Professional
Trish was Ken’s 2nd-level manager

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