"As an editor, Ken helped define the editing syntax in the Adobe Creative Cloud video templates that were used by teams of editors. He consistently came up with new visual ideas to contribute to the evolution of the look and feel of our brand. Regardless of the stage of production, he is always able to deliver whatever a team needs from team member or project manager, with best-in-class results."

Trish Trolley, Oracle Product Management and Leadership Professional

Here are some samples of my video editing work:
I edited this Oracle Quick Tour for Supply Chain Management product managers. Oracle videos were always cut in the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.
I provided voice-over and edited this Oracle Quick Tour. Here is how Quick tours are used by product managers on Zooms in 2021.

I love cutting to music! My friend Colin McWilliams composed the 8-bit music soundtrack for this robotics video. A friend and I shot the footage and I cut it in Final Cut Pro. ​​​​​​​

I directed this mashup of a tribute to Jean Cocteau and Stanley Kubrick in 2005, and edited the film in Final Cut Pro.

Green Screen Keying

Motion Graphics Work

I cut this video in Final Cut Pro for the Montana State University Education Department's Training Principals program.
This was an internal ad I cut for Oracle to promote our creative team's motion graphics services to all product tiers and teams throughout the company.
Here's an ecommerce site tour that I edited in Final Cut Pro X for New York Times Bestselling Authors Alessandra Torre and JD Lasica. 
I provided voice-over and edited this Oracle Sustainability video.

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