Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development, now CEO of Google Cloud, introduces a commercial using my voice-over at the conclusion of his Keynote Address at Oracle CloudWorld New York, Times Square, February 2018.
I provided the voice-over for this Oracle informational video.
I provided voice-over and edited this tutorial. The intro animation was designed by my teammate Ben Alvarez.
I delivered the voice-over for this prototype.

I provided voice-over and editing on this Oracle Sustainability video.

Here's a welcome video voice-over I created.
I delivered voice-over and edited this commercial.

I delivered voice-over on this case study.

I provided voice-over and editing on this Oracle Quick Tour.
I created the voice-over and edited this mobile app tutorial.
Ken is a multi-talented video editor/producer and a consummate professional. One of his special gifts is as a professional voice artist. He consistently delivers high quality voice-over tracks that are very professional in tone and of high technical quality. I have collaborated with him over a period of several years at Oracle. He's always generous with his time and our entire team grew to depend on his expertise and enthusiasm for creating corporate video content.
Robert Bauld
Oracle Design and Production Manager at Oracle
Ken worked with Robert in the same group

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