Here is a site renaming article I wrote as an Oracle Technical Support Engineer.
This is an analytics article I created as an Oracle Technical Support Engineer.
Ken edited countless media scripts written by content experts from around the country. Ken was very consistent in his methods. Not only was he looking for deficiencies in the writing itself, but he took great care to research the content, many times finding errors that others missed. If Ken found conflicting information, he tirelessly worked until he tracked down the definitive answer from an expert or nationally-recognized text. In addition to editing, Ken wrote many of the MWC's external communications. He kept up the MWC website, communicated with certification offices to credential our products, and scripted the Microbial Risk Assessment tutorial to demonstrate how to use a very complicated spreadsheet-based tool. Ken has the ability to write for a wide range of technical audiences, from the novice to the technically savvy. I would be happy to hire Ken on as a technical writer/editor at any point in the future.
Ben R. Cichowski
Chief Operating Officer
Ken reported directly to Ben
This is a Camtasia training I wrote and presented for the Oracle Documentation team in 2017 to update them on new functionality and keyboard shortcuts.
I wrote the script for this tutorial, recorded the voice-over, captured and cut screen shots.
Here is a chat assignment article I published as an Oracle Technical Support Engineer.
This is a product description article I wrote as an Oracle Technical Support Engineer.
I acted as Technical Writing Editor on the linked MR Assessment Tool document, and developed an easy-to-use, interactive training on how to use the Assessment Tool. 5,000 copies of this CD-based training were distributed throughout the United States. Please click on the image to see the final PDF with my editorial changes.
On this training program, I storyboarded and designed motion graphics / interactive training activities for the EPA'S national audience. Please click the image to view the working files for this project, including my storyboards and activities I designed for the course.
Here is a rule troubleshooting article I published as an Oracle Technical Support Engineer.
Here is a chat transfer article I created as an Oracle Technical Support Engineer.
On the Oracle RightNow Documentation team, I created and updated User Guide content.

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